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by Vince Corvaia

When I turned six
I tore the wrapping paper
off my birthday present

to find a wooden stick.
"It was a kite,"
my friend told me.

No, I didn't grow up
to be impetuous
in love.

Every September
I attend the kite festival
in Long Beach, Washington,

where the blue sky fills
with red and green paper
and I celebrate

the wooden stick
I took into the yard
and turned into a sword.

Misheberach Healing Prayer by Marlene Burns

Misheberach / Healing Prayer by Marlene Burns

by Sophia Pandeya

You held me like the mangroves
hold the twin worlds of earth

and water

in fluxed yet rooted equilibrium

Lightly yet tight lipped at each
arrival and leaving
each blue veined swell
of alluvium, turquoise
ancient as a dirge blossomed

at your knee

Flotsam and rumor
came surging
on the bended backs of trees
the metal husks of lipsticks, hummed
from old and sequined mouths of curses

silken as a prayer

In your hands, humble grains
mimicked the hiss
and sift sift of bodies
borne on the reed planes

a Hieros gamos made in air

You picked each flaw
precisely, pebbles felled
with a nail-flick flew from your
oracular lentils, the ones chosen
for nuptial divination
tossed high six times the fabled
legume hexagrams read

the selfsame axiom

In a split
second of brash petulance

I fell from the realm of the gods
who at their leisure chose
to torment me with twenty
demons, nineteen of which I
defeated in a fever between sleep

and death

but the twentieth
demon still lodges
silent as a poisoned well
within me

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