“Lucid Dreamer”
Dawn Price

Mary-Marcia Casoly

Mariah, Cowboy's Dream

One day, try to get it right, Blossom.
Please return to your upright position.
Flow with the icy river. Pajamas in the dresser.
Travel but never look back. We are riding.
Ring beside the telephone. The window
too fast. We've become moments again.
Open. Never alone. Couldn't have—
we'd been given life again. This said:
I missed her. Come back from a drunk, pierced
as stone. My old friend, air. Deep as stepping.
A pair of quail appear on shady stones.
Touch of Venus twilight: weave of the angel
Bodies become hard and bright. I want to tell something
never seen. Free as thought. True by mustard greens.
I want to tell you quite matters, so don't look dumbly
on. False in yellow. Spring needles pine. Make me
one of those places that come to tears; grass tinder dry.
Where words on the wind make your name.