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by Erren Geraud Kelly

She hit me like a
Wrecking ball and
I saw stars and a
Hint of a red garter
She pulled up a
White thigh
She reminded me of
Catwoman or bettie page
Her sexuality, more cerebral and old school
She said I was the first brotha
She ever felt
This way about
I was in her lair
She told me:
"You ainít getting out"
If her coochie's like
A pit bull
I'm done for
I think she might've
Been a flapper or a gun moll in a
Past life

I don't know if her
Ends with a slingshot
Or a stick of dynamite

But I should be so lucky

BOXER by Myles Boisen

BOXER by Myles Boisen

by Kirby Light

I don't want it
To come easily

I want a fight, like a fight for my life, a battle royal
The fight needs to break every bone in the body
It needs to lead to the edge

Of sanity
Or insanity

Because it take insanity to do this sometimes

It needs to be a fight that demolishes everything
Like a forest fire that eats the fields
Or an earth quake that tumbles the mountains
Or a tidal wave that drinks the shore

I need to fall
And learn to stand again and again

we're wrong or crazy.
women fall out of love.
elders die.
dogs dig holes.
preachers preach.
others grow old.

I need broke fingers
And black eyes
And cracked ribs

Because sometimes there are fights
Like writing
Or painting
Or loving some one
That a person can only win by simply hanging in there
They're the only type of fights
That make a person

Feel like a winner.

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