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by P.M.F. Johnson

Rebar God, God built up from sand
and lime, the holy slurry,
God of orange cones and flak jackets,
incoming God with signal flags
snapping out the mystical code,
God who provides sufficient tread on your tires
and that spooky understanding before it happens,
God not so much on the easy answers,
nor dropping candy like a parade clown,
(and you'll sort through clouds a long time
before seeing the golden slide-rule-in-the-sky,
giving archaic answers God) not
a solving by dissolving God;
you're getting closer if you think
kitchen magnet, some savory odor
to draw you in, basil or cinnamon or
an especially lip-smacking goulash;
adios is right: the go-to God,
giddyup God, toy airplane
buzzing about the abode God,
watering can God, fertilizer God;
and us? . . . why, us doing the doing
of what God wants from us —
planting zucchini, putting a new coat
of red on the car, yielding
at the traffic circle for once.

HOWLING HARE Glastonbury UK by Brent Wiggans

HOWLING HARE Glastonbury, UK by Brent Wiggans

by Darren C. Demaree

Following Jesus
& R.H. Harris
& those well-tailored

hustlers of God
that always had
their Cadillacs in idle

in case the congregation
found out what
there was to find out

was difficult for Sam Cooke,
but if any man could
make mercy sound good

it was him. It took Jesus
thirty-three years to
bring the house down.

Sam was the closing
act from the age
of only nineteen

& when he was found
dead, barely dressed,
surrounded by crying women

& robbed of his money
& his ecstatic calls as well,
the churches went silent

one more time, just in case
it was possible for him
to find the spirit again.

I SEE YOU by Lynn Crounse

I SEE YOU by Lynn Crounse

by Erren Geraud Kelly

all my peeps
go to church on sunday
praise the lord
and do the shout
like the brothers
who get their drink on
all my peeps
eat and are loud
grandmother's kitchen
is filled with the sounds
of busy women
little mouths
and men's bodies/bellies
at rest
all my peeps
look at me and laugh
cos after all these years
I'm still the quiet one
"why you talkin so proper?
you around us now"
and i laugh with them
as the house fills up with
love like a black balloon

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