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Akhenaten by Samantha Cox Colborn

Akhenaten by Samantha Cox Colborn

General Guidelines

We look for well-crafted work with fresh images and a strong voice. Work from a series or with a common theme has a greater chance of being accepted. Seasonally-themed work is appreciated (spring and summer for the January deadline, fall and winter for the June deadline). Please include a 75 word third-person bio with your work (bios may be edited for length and clarity). A cover letter is not needed. Absolutely no simultaneous or previously published submissions. Submit work to clinville@csus.edu with "Convergence" in the subject line.

Photographers & Artists

Submit up to six jpegs of your work, 72 dpi, medium sized.


Submit up to five poems, no longer than 50 lines long each.

Fiction Writers

Submit up to five fiction pieces, no longer than 1000 words each.

Next Deadline

January 5th for the Spring and Summer 2019 Issues

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