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EDITOR'S CHOICE: cynthia linville's

Art by Jarrett Bywaters

Primula Auricula by Jarrett Bywaters

Primula Auricula

Dionysia Freitagii by Jarrett Bywaters

Dionysia Freitagii

Hood Petticoat Daffodil by Jarrett Bywaters

Hood Petticoat Daffodil

Campanula Morettiana Jarrett Bywaters

Campanula Morettiana

Jarrett Bywaters has been creating art for over 15 years, beginning by drawing cartoon and comic book characters as a teenager. Charcoal and colored chalks became his passion in high school, and pen and ink in college, a passion which grew into a collection of 80 pen and ink floral drawings which are being shown at various galleries in and around the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and online. Email him at ilovemywifechelsea@gmail.com

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