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Nancy Aidé González

Stairway to the Unknown (Taken at Toiyabe National Forest) by by Nancy Aidé González

Photographs by Nancy Aidé González


by Nancy Aidé González

In the beginning your voice,
my answered prayer
rush of perpetual tenderness
eternal landscape of bounty,
your brown eyes
echo new sound.

Sunrise has come,
I have been waiting for you
now we are together
you serve me bread and iron,
I give you maize and obsidian,
I hunger for the smell of your musty hair,
yearn for your accent, your language.

All around us expanse of breath,
we search the jungle for sustenance
find promise where macaws take flight.

Under night sky our lips speak in silence,
we measure moments in laughter
intertwine fingers like roots
leave foot prints on the mud.

We journey near the river
swim naked in the cool water,
there our souls recognize each other,
we are one, we are none,
we are the universe in its entirety.

We are more alive than we have ever been,
we drift into something
we will never survive
which will bring honeyed heartache,
for we know the beginning is often the end.

1Open Sky , Open Heart  (Taken at Cenote Habika, Cancun, Mexico) by Nancy Aidé González


by Nancy Aidé González

The forgotten rust colored key
fit in the palm of my hand
its ridges would unlock a door
leading elsewhere.

The key could open a
door to a place with green fields
where sorrows are laid to rest
and wildflowers grow without weeds
a spot where we could speak of things
that will never make sense

There we could whisper the desires in our hearts
we could laugh, and laugh
and kiss, make love,
and fall asleep.

There we could spin all the things that
weigh us down into satin ribbons
weave the ribbons into kites
fly the kites
and let them drift
away into the wind.

This poem was first published in Tule Review

Abandon by Nancy Aide Gonzalez


by Nancy Aidé González

In the empty apartment
through the dirty window
we can glimpse into the lives of others
I wonder if their lives are barren like ours.

There on the floor
I let you know me
we are wild
and for a short while you are mine.

Doors open,
we let each other in
your eyes search mine
as if looking for the mysteries,
we hold each other after
I breath you in,
you become my air.

I will be as I am
and you will be who you are
and you will leave me.

I will search for you in others
time will pass
the summer will end.

Picante by Nancy Aide Gonzalez


by Nancy Aidé González

I forget the crevasses
I have fallen into
broken bones that fused
shadows that sift light
curtains that sway in the wind.

I forget to measure time without a clock
the lines of my palms outstretched
sky beyond thought
thought beyond emotion.

I forget whispers under moonlight
the days and nights we shared
how far away you are
how you used to brush my hair away from my face
before meeting lips
the way our bodies merged
intimacies dissipate.

I try to piece together what was
and what was not
the longing that remains.

Nancy Aidé González

Nancy Aidé González

Nancy Aidé González is a Chicana poet, educator, and activist. Her work has appeared in Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature, La Tolteca, Mujeres De Maiz Zine, DoveTales, Seeds of Resistance Flor y Canto: Tortilla Warrior, Hinchas de Poesía, La Bloga, and several other literary journals. Her work is featured in the Poetry of Resistance: Voices for Social Justice, Sacramento Voices: Foam at the Mouth Anthology, and Lowriting: Shots, Rides, and Stories from the Chicano Soul. She hosts Mosaic of Voices, a poetry series which features multicultural poets in Sacramento. She is co-editor of Tule Review and is on the board of directors at the Sacramento Poetry Center. She is also a participating member of Escritores del Nuevo Sol.

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