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Photography by Stephanie Lakos

Photograph by Stephanie Lakos

Photograph by Stephanie Lakos

Stephanie Lakos What a Deal

What a Deal

Stephanie Lakos Ruined


Stephanie Lakos Dolly Discarded

Dolly Discarded

Dolly by Stephanie Lakos


Rounded Things by Stephanie Lakos

Wishful Thinking

Rounded Things by Stephanie Lakos

Rounded Things

Prohibido el Paso by Stephanie Lakos

Prohibido el Paso

Close the Gate Behind You Pinhole Las Vegas NM by Stephanie Lakos

Close the Gate Behind You (Pinhole Camera)
Las Vegas, NM

Mannequins in the Window by Stephanie Lakos

Mannequins in the Window

Emerge by Stephanie Lakos


Huevos Revueltos Trinidad CO by StephanieLakos

Huevos Revueltos Trinidad, CO

Stephanie Lakos

Stephanie Lakos

Stephanie Lakos is a photographer who works primarily with vintage equipment and methods. After many years as an artist using various mediums, she found film photography to be her true calling. In addition to vintage cameras, she shoots with plastic "toy" cameras and wood pinhole cameras. Using film and paper in various formats, she develops her own work—both black and white, and color. Stephanie divides her time between Northern California and New Mexico.

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