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Danyen Powell

Tree Photograph by Jennifer Woods
Photograph by Jennifer Woods

by Danyen Powell

Stroll past the world’s house. Notice its windows
made of foreign curtains and ice. The tree in the
front yard bears a scar in the shape of a name that
becomes lost in the folds of slow liquid bark—
centuries of voices trapped in the amber. Such a
sad framework of black branches. Its contour, like a
human brain, sags under the weight of the red sun.
It is said that, on a bench under its canopy, you
must amend the splinter of your hour in the
presence of your god. Gently, the grass slowly
swallows your feet; white fingers of earth lace over
your shoes— your shadow stretching like taffy,
beyond reach.

After three windy days
by Danyen Powell

the dark
nudges a wooden hammer

wind chimes
penetrate the eyelids

thick steel tubes
resonate from the surface
to an aquifer
of blood

in the dream-cellar
the plasterer daubs the cracks

a melodic
seeps into the subterranean

lights up the bones

by Danyen Powell


day is burning

in the gaps in the barn wall

dust motes spin

like whole worlds

hours pass

and the page

of a scorching narrative

begins to erase

in the dark rafters


of your life

Carquinez Strait, CA
by Danyen Powell

Stars slosh in your rib cage,

My hand
cleats the halyard,
a full spinnaker...

I raise a toast
to that cheap red wine—
to that moonlit, glass sliver

by the known
and the unknown sea.

Danyen Powell

Danyen Powell has been published in Brevities, Pudding Magazine, The Poets’ Guild, Chrysanthemum, the Rattlesnake Review, and more, including The Sacramento Anthology: One Hundred Poems. He won First Place at the Berkeley Poets’ Dinner Contest in 1998 and Grand Prize in 2001. Danyen is the facilitator for the Sacramento Poetry Center’s weekly Tuesday night poetry workshop and the author of two chapbooks, ANVIL and Blue Sky Flies Out, available from Rattlesnake Press.

Bei Dao has said: “Danyen Powell builds a secret garden by words, which is the labyrinth of unknown human darkness.  He tries to find the way out with great passion, but meanwhile he indulges in details of the darkness leading him to be lost. We will explore complexity in his almost minimized forms.”

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