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Photography by Brenda Yamen

Photograph by Brenda Yamen

Sign of Spring by Brenda Yamen
Sign of Spring

Old Town by Brenda Yamen
Old Town

Photograph by Brenda Yamen

Hello I'm Johnny Cash by Brenda Yamen
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash

Dots by Brenda Yamen

Bear Lake Trail by Brenda Yamen
Bear Lake Trail

Certain Slant of Light by Brenda Yamen
Certain Slant of Light

Photograph by Brenda Yamen

Photograph by Brenda Yamen

Shadows by Brenda Yamen

Brenda Yamen

Brenda Yamen is a Health Scientist and amateur photographer currently residing in Washington DC. She has loved photography since the age of 15 and goes nowhere without her trusty sidekick, Nigel the Nikon. Brenda's interest in photography occasionally crosses paths with her love of great music; her photos have been used by some of her favorite musicians. In addition to concert photography, Brenda enjoys landscape and nature photography, and travels extensively searching for her next photo op. Her collection can be seen at www.flickr.com/photos/bjy/.

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