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St Pauls Cathedral  by Brent Wiggans

ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL by Brent Wiggans

by Lance Calabrese

From green clambering
upward rivulets break
into a delta upon an eave
that several lilacs
surmount the tiled roof
with little feet
in stucco pores
lichen like? without
a trellised wall
as if my sealed window
outward reached
eyes vaulting
rooftop rooftop
toward the curved arm
of a steel bridge
blue painted
the pane-glass-snippet bay
to an out-of-frame island's
upturned palm merging now
with September's lifeless vista
through trumpet bloom's
foreground interloping.

Again the tiled patchwork
draws the gaze
like vibrant flesh
sun tinctured and swaddled warm
amid a rising
tap-clop of a heel and toe
a city's Springlike wakening?
these trills struggle upward
from invisible feet on pocked cement
echoing the distance where a split river stops
fingers thrumming this sill
and into the sea

Meconopsis Punicea by Jarrett Bywaters

MECONOPSIS PUNICEA by Jarrett Bywaters

                  in which to dream

by Kevin Heaton

While you sleep, I hover with bats
in counterfeit rays of light, gathering
remnants secreted from the tumescent
underbelly of suburban privelege.

Plundering crows beak-nip eyelids
from the impending horizon, and caw
the feckless approach of a lustful, infringing
juggernaut, heckling me from my night post.

Tiny, blithesome wing powers sandman frenzy
from my eyes with melatonin yawn. They flutter-
whisk spider blood from my healing, and exorcise
apnea from pleas for forgetfulness.

We tryst on goose down behind silver-foiled sun;
where pilfered dreams cache, and better natured
angels daybreak.

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