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by Simon Perchik

With your mouth closed
swallow though this rain
is already rain and further on

—you have a taste for darkness
fill your belly the way the Earth
each night escapes as a small hole

clings to one hillside
carried by another —you become
its grave, eat without fingers

without knees or the headlong dive
this dirt is used to, held down
and looking for more rain

for shoreline starting out
not yet a whisper, lost
cleared away and for your lips.

WHAT ROUGH BEAST by Benjamin Norman Pierce

WHAT ROUGH BEAST? by Benjamin Norman Pierce

by Timothy Pilgrim

Wake at dawn, still high,
sheets a mess. Eyes closed,
lips pressed tight, roll over,

sigh — whirl toward sun, dream
black clouds, legs spread wide,
toes taut too. Pause mid-sky,

come down hard — splits doomed —
among cosmos, anemone,
hyacinth, lilies in bloom.

BLUE DOOR by Ruben Briseno Reveles

BLUE DOOR by Ruben Briseno Reveles

by Viola Weinberg

Suddenly, I feel them
feel their sheer robes blowing
a rare wind against my arm

They are celestial, but warm.
They come with stars, on foreign skies
They tell me not to worry.

They tell me to write again
to tuck my heart into the invisible
gilded trumpet, the impenetrable

I say, but, I'm a Pagan flower left
by the Picts, I'm a day-old day lily
I am folded and old with freckled hands

They simply smile, serene and sweet
as the moon moves across my face
You are what you are, precious bird

Perhaps you are nothing, or everything
Do not confuse age with wisdom
even though you have carefully picked

Wisdom as your silent pleasure, a Cobalt
that tramps these roiled waters, a pain
of the exquisite, for it is always painful

And now, with dignity, leave your pain
in our hands, let us lift you up and send
you to the next order— rise with us

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