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Dali Dancer by Robert R Sanders

DALI DANCER by Robert R. Sanders

by Lyn Lifshin

She wants you
to be inconsolable,
wants you to keep
wanting more.
Somewhere, under
her hair wild plots
explode like kudzu,
covering a whole
house overnight. Her
stories grow like
an invasive species
taking root, taking
over. She'll reveal
just enough. Her
stories could be a
a dance of veils,
hypnotic, her words,
a belly dancer's skin,
mesmerizing as car
lights you are the
frozen deer in
the trance of until
it's too late to
do her in

Photograph by Allyson Seconds

PHOTOGRAPH by Allyson Seconds

by Arlene L. Mandell

At the annual meeting of the Wild Woods Homeowners Association, we sit in rows of ugly armless chairs. Neighbors exchange pleasantries, assume expressions of polite interest as our elected officers give their reports about road repairs, insurance premiums, a dead deer . . . someone has cut down a tree on his own property without a permit . . . someone doesn't bring in her trash cans as soon as they're empty.

I imagine passing a note with the words: "If you want me . . . ," not glancing at the surprised faces as each person reads the note and passes it along, so many under-utilized master bedrooms, so much privacy in these wooded acres, only a few squirrels, an occasional dog barking, the sound of the mailman driving away.

If you want me. . . .

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