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Vortex by Katy Brown

VORTEX by Katy Brown

by Ann Privateer

she was sitting on her friend's husband's
lap not really knowing how she got there
his hard, athletic thighs yielding to her
voluptuousness, her back to his chest
his arms tight like snakes under her breast
his chin a latch locking on to her shoulder
she wondered if this could be a dream
if she were in a monster universe, if
explicit energy could set her free
on this first night away from home
away from the safety of the routine.

on her mind
and the certainty
of uncertainty.

So full of the stew of you
she dreamt of saying no, a word nearly
forgotten on the road, alone

some how or another, others always
got in the way, their boundaries
push to override hers

no telling which ditch might
catch them while lost
and betrayed in the stew of you.

Her mind meanders
to kissing in public
passion on display

not the airport kind
but the beach blanket
right here, and now kind

stroking, squeezing,
the darting of tongues
next to the old woman

who sits alone
on a bench
eating a banana.

Photograph by Myles Boisen

PHOTOGRAPH by Myles Boisen

by Elijah Enos

I see you:     your hairy back
your unwashed beard     your hooves
scuffing     locker-room tile

you trot about     braying and bleating
the girls outside     shake pom-poms     and wait
for the ball     game to begin

I pick up     the towels     you leave behind
remembering     one time     (I was six)
my mom pried     two dogs apart     with a hose

she said they weren't     doing anything     I needed to know
about     they weren't     doing     anything     it was just a joke
animals played     on each other     and they both ran off

now I see     you're part     of the joke
and so am I

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