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by Stephanie Williams

In each naked flower, you smother
Me with violet; ruby scents, kept,
So slowed, torn through the sea
And foam, decrepit

With each tender wave, this
Holocaust of my sanguine romance;
Disassembled in the blackened
Legion of blood and transcendence,

Through your eyes, I see the world
In iron fixture; caged lightly, in the
Realm of Love, futuresque and veiled,
Lush and forbidden

Dutifully, you bend your mind to
Suit my woeful shield; this
Roughly arisen fold between
Juniper and wedded silence

Absently, we mend each crevice
Moved darkly through the lisp
That ripens my imaginings;
Yielded basely to the strife,
Halting sieve, awakened now

Momentum shifting between
The night and day; hallelujah
Blare, each toil, irreparable.

PINWHEEL by Allyson Seconds

PINWHEEL by Allyson Seconds

by Stephanie Williams

You move my soul, in each guileless
Sweat— as the depth of your primal
Feasting rises to the surface, and
Ruminates my holy gleam

Sing sweet, my vapid Love— as we
Pour our hearts to one another,
Bloody crimson, and returned
Once this bare-boned lust squeals
Whole, beneath you

Your charm and wit do slay me
In this hedonist darkness— death
Declining as I touch your unholy

The princess and the pauper,
Subtly abstaining from the light
You knew to overrule me, hardened . . .

I smile politely back at you, and
You harness my stare with your
Black erotica gaze; cutting edgily
Through the thorn in my side, as we
Tear the moonlight with sick pardon

You and I bare the nudity of our
Souls, as though I never was; and
You curve your hazy, scarlet wed,
To oxidize this maddening dream.

SPENT by Katy Brown

SPENT by Katy Brown

by Viola Weinberg

We roamed and paced, around statues
Under the names of Praxitiles and Homer
Lit by the old mitered skylight
Bathed in vague, yellow shadows
That grew more intense as they floated
Down, down, past our sweaty clutch
To the seasoned planks that squeaked below

We met there, often in a mood
Careless, breathless and daring
We had to; to not come was impossible
We knew what we did; we knew why we came
We made promises we kept for all time
We were careful of our repute
And lived quietly with the small crime of it

Today, I stalk the house, crying like I've
Never cried before, wandering, looking
At your photographs, the letters, the gifts
You were always my best-kept stealth
But today I am screaming from the porch
Who you were and what we were and
How we loved, even how we said good bye

It was brilliant, along the dock at high tide
The houseboat bobbing like a head, you said you
Could never stop kissing me, and I said yes
Don't ever stop kissing me, loving me
Knowing it had to stop, knowing it was time
But not; we sifted through the unforgetting fog
Laced with a few letters in a scarlet twine

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