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by Claudia Lamar

Let me give you this,
plus: a holy word & the last tequila shot,
this will be your desperado prayer,
you will never be missing, we never leave,
we are ghosts & grief,
smoke & stains,
something vulgar, please.
you should be an exhibitionist now,
ruin your hands red, show all your teeth,
& when the earth is spitting bones
& the spirits are rioting,
come haunt me,
I will love you like flowers.


by Claudia Lamar

Why I did it can't be translated,
   not from ancient tongues
or the humming noise you make in your sleep,
I was alone in the house & the sounds of spooking
& other subjects were silent, because when you leave,
      you take all my spirit with you,
& there was Jesus, hanging on our wall above our bed,
& he looked how I felt & I can say that now without shame,
      because I have been there: calvary & crucifix & back now,
I hunted for the hammer & I found it,
& then I grabbed him,
in the beginning I was just going to remove the nails,
   maybe bathe him in the bathroom sink, I imagined
   his porcelain skin & painted cuts bleeding into the water,
but his bones were too brittle & his left arm broke in half,
   I held his hand in my palm,
   the horror of his body still nailed to the cross,
I tried the other arm, gently grasping & pulling the hammer toward me,
      fast forward past the feet,
                     also wrecked,
to the moment you returned home & found in the sink,
a limbless Christ with band-aids on,
      & that's when I told you to never leave me again.


by Sophia Pandeya

electric tongue-sten a bulb in my mouth your
mouth where the roots go and go deep
as pale daikons in the sunless places a
sibilance of ploughs unfurling petulant
as I split earth furrows I am drowning in
my sleep
Sita disappeared in a frown her
god-husband and sons agape at the
gash before
the world began again
pendulous in thick of noon I was
twelve at upheaval's
peak and Gasherbrum appeared like
a mirage like a pause before
death perhaps the same
moment as repentance
would alight like a
moth upon your
eyes except now
thighs are
turbulence are thrust are
speaking at last the
lost chapters to the tumult of your skies

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