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by Cassondra Windwalker

Faster and faster my footsteps chase
The sunlight, my bare arms flushed
With this heat that presses from without
And rises from within — I dare not gulp
This air, first fruit of the infant season:
I draw it in, tasting every secret,
Relishing every hidden promise as it rolls
Across my hungry tongue — my ears wait,
Stubbornly resisting every intrusion
That might muffle that one murmur
On which I wait: the trees speak,
The river sings, even the wind is rasping
Diversions along the path, running
Through the winter litter beneath my feet,
But I will not listen, I will not slow,
I will not heed the earth or the sky
Or any voice which calls me back
From my pursuit: it is you I hear,
You I see, you my whole being feels,
Just ahead in the sunshower I am racing
To meet — fall on me, fill me up,
Light my every cell with your fire,
Consume me and bring me home again.

THE WORLD IS YOURS by Sophia Ewing

THE WORLD IS YOURS by Sophia Ewing

by B.Z. Niditch

We have been mute
on long winter days
watched the snowfall
from blue hills
bathing on birches
in rough sprawling
vanish by sunshine
and early light
yet not even silence
moves veined clouds
as orphaned shadows
begin to open up smiles
we are like parchment
wishing to write italics
or splash our initials
to reverie on day skies.

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