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by Viola Weinberg

Yes, walk to the corner
Once was, you walked across
Countries, down steep steps

In secret cities, 'round statues
And monuments and goals on
A great horizon, more distant

Than you can now fathom
Yes, walk to the corner
It seems so far as I limp along

With this contraption, just do it
And find your new world around
A bend, your track of glory just

Yards away, just take the first steps
These spurs of bravery will launch you
Yes, walk to the corner, astound

Yourself and let your rods and screws
Ring like bells and bang like hammers
On fragile jigging skeletons that lurch

A friend dreamt I ran a marathon in Paris
Wheeling a chair through the Odeon
This is bigger, harder, longer, more

Yes, walk to the corner and find
Your courage, your new world launches
Like a ship they said would sink, lunges

Forward, rambling all jabby and stroppy
Rise up on the walker, straighten your spine
Be proud you have been given this life

Valor rushes through you, you will arrive

GUADALUPE by Stephanie Lakos

GUADALUPE by Stephanie Lakos

by Katherine Davis

It could have been
Revlon's cameo:
Concealer, pancake,
Rouge, lipstick, mirror.
Daily making of
An actress playing
The same stained dress.
Soft slanted applicators
Bent to hand, a tin full
Of Q-tips for fine finishes.
The spotlight shines,
But it's no sweat.

Your red case contains
A fox who will snatch
You off his back, devour
You like sodden grapes—
Animal satiety which
You get from a drip IV.
The case also grips
A vial of urine, bloody
From chemical toxins,
And massage tools
To out the stress.
Postcards of mt. peaks,
It's only fresh snowfall
Which abates the nausea.
You think of clothes
That your mother must take
Home if you don't accompany.
We love you, the sign says.
Forget all else the red case
May embrace. The haunting
Ball mask of misery. Fold it;
The sign will fit, corners,
Crevices, a family's wish.
Red case lined with black
Then gray then pink.

ELKS TOWER  by Christian DeLaO

ELKS TOWER by Christian DeLaO

by Holly Day

the birds circle the tallest skyscrapers as if knowing
each tiny room is filled with dying or dead meat. they
dive, make circles around the tops of the black towers
as if their very presence will crack the climate-controlled flat glass panes
as if their will alone will open the walls and let them in.

below, on the empty streets, wild dogs and feral cats
pace anxiously back and forth in front of the sealed doorways
as if they think the electric sensors will finally
give in, let them in, allow one final flicker of electricity
enough to open the doors, one cold night
enough to crack the thin glass panes

just one door has to open
for all the animals who once lived with us
to know what became of humanity.

EL DETALLE by Stephanie Lakos

EL DETALLE by Stephanie Lakos

by A.J. Huffman

Seven billion pieces of folded foil fall inside
walls made of glass. The effect is enlightening.
A perfect emulation of explosion. A moment
of victory encapsulated. Shaken,
settled. Later to be

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