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by Bibhu Padhi

On full-moon nights the breeze travels
far below the blue-dark water,
reaches those places where
conch-shells sing through sea weeds.

For a moment, it watches the dry
rusty bones of the ships that
sailed to carry our friends.
to prosperous islands
several centuries ago.

Then it moves mutely, above
the vast sea-bed, stopping near
every wish and dream
that we had allowed so hopefully
to sink into the sea's sacred depths.

Suddenly it rises into
the sheer moonlight, and then
moves toward our waiting shores,
its body soaked in blue
ancient rumours.

BEACH by Frank Dixon Graham border=

BEACH by Frank Dixon Graham

by Bibhu Padhi

Sitting inside the house that remains
haunted all through the year
by marine decay and words
of forgotten mouths,
I think of you.

You arrive, well-known guest,
and every loose brick shakes
at your touch, the walls.
Listen intently to the
self-same message of loss

that we have been carrying
all these years. I watch you walk quietly
from one small room to another,
whisper things into my ears
and disappear along the frozen pillars.

But your absence stays—
near my son's small mouth,
all about his slightly afraid,
questioning eyes.

WAVE by Rosario Romero

WAVE by Rosario Romero

by Bibhu Padhi

Long before the night has ended
and the crows have started
waking us, to their bass cry,
the fishermen carry their boats

on their shoulders. In the half-light,
their shadow figures move in a regular
rhythmic fashion.
coir ropes binding them

to the curving ends of their
makeshift boats. On reaching
the shore, they free themselves
and walk into the dark green water

up to their knees. Now they stand
in a line looking in the direction
of the waiting sun. Their supple

sun-burnt bodies bending
as if in prayer, the dark hands
sprinkle the sea water
on their bare heads.

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