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CANOES by Keith Moul

CANOES by Keith Moul


he often makes this face
like he is frowning,
like the important thoughts
he is thinking
are causing him to frown
believe you me
he will say it twice
sometimes three times
so that you really believe him

he will refer to himself
in the third person
on the phone,
face to face,
in emails
re: not wanting to do karaoke
he writes
aniís nephews cry
when ani sings happy birthday for them

a direct quote

he is endearing.
he grows on you
like moss

he is kind,
but you'd better make sure
there isn't any gelato
dripped down the side
of the trash can
because he will see
and make note of it, mentally

ask the boss a question
ask him: can we still make sundaes
even though they aren't
on the menu anymore?
and he will say:
to give you the short answer, yes

he is always giving us the short answer
but we are more curious about the long one

—by Jess Charest

MARBLES by Jacqueline Lindberg

MARBLES by Jacqueline Lindberg

by George Gott

He loved

But when
they became
old enough
to understand
he didn't
like them

He liked

When they
were out
of their minds
with love.

But when they returned
to their
he didn't
care for them
at all.

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