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by Dušan Čolović

In the softness of the vibrant
Celestial skirt
The day unnoticeably takes away
Flock by flock
My shed dreams.
In the twilight
Crushed by fatigue
I forget
To copy them
Onto the paper
And while they disappear into
The night fills my room with moonlight.

SHOP WINDOW by Wendy Lian Rivara

SHOP WINDOW by Wendy Lian Rivara

by Roger G. Singer

The brashness of a gray afternoon curses
at roadside bars, all night diners and clotheslines
resembling sagging roadmaps.

Mud flaps proselytize to the lost while angels
search for the abandoned; neon lights tempt the lonely
from corners.

In the distance, a city. A breath spread wide of
buildings and faces, where evil drains into collars and
sweat is salted by the ravaging of circling crows.

DOUBLED by Wendy Lian Rivara

DOUBLED by Wendy Lian Rivara

by Erren Geraud Kelly

for emmett till and mack parker


riding on the bus
young black boys
stick their necks out
whistling at white girls
they laugh, not knowing
not long ago
young black brothas
were hanged for doing
the same thing


walking down the street
a mixed couple
feels the eyes
and the stinging air
"there's one of them nigger lovers,"
a good ol' boy tells his friend

"why you gotta sell us
out like that?"
a pissed-off sista yells
behind the black man's back
only in darkness
this couple finds peace
is she just a token
of his upwardly mobile status
or does he really love her?

only a blue-eyed vanillabrown child will know the truth

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