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by Erren Geraud Kelly

she sits there, molly ringwald's doppelganger
but i picture us walking down bourbon street
far from the party, the streetlights
forshadowing the adventure to come

her hair like fire, skin like milk
we walk hand in hand
as the dawn greets us
we walk by buildings
as a piano speaks for

and you would spin around
and your sneakers transformed into
ruby slippers
"home is where you make it..." you say

i twirl you around and i find

ART IN PROGRESS by Ruben Briseno Reveles

ART IN PROGRESS by Ruben Briseno Reveles

by Andy Roberts

When I'm feeling good in my head
what I'm really doing is my own version of
Lester Young's solo in Billie Holiday's
Fine And Mellow. It's the second solo,
after Ben Webster's, and it's what
I've been after my whole life.
Because I'll never be able to sing like Billie Holiday.
Nobody can. But mere mortals can approach Lester Young.
The Prez and Lady Day in 1957.
I've always lived in the past.
A cave in my brain
behind a little waterfall
where I accompany myself
on endless variations of Fine And Mellow.

OAXACA AT NIGHT by Ruben Briseno Reveles

OAXACA AT NIGHT by Ruben Briseno Reveles

by Katherine Brittain

I love to watch you dance the Via Negativa;
Watch you prance around in scenes interior.
I would love to join you in feeling superior,
Pues, Aiy! Donde esta mi Diva?

Aiy! I want to dance with you, the Via Negativa!
But my Diva left for Ottawa.
Is it possible to say you saw
Me dance the Via Positiva? No?
Well, then;

If we're to dance together, the Via Negativa,
As soul mates knowing where we are going;
Then the arrival not to where we are going
Es en los manos de su Diva.

Author's Note: Via Negativa means negative way, and Diva means goddess.

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