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by Erren Geraud Kelly

A woman sits by me
On the T
French braid draping
The left side
Of her neck
Which is luminous
As milk
She is unexpected
Like the snow falling outside
Immediate, yet fleeting
I asked her if her hair
Was brown or
She said she didn't know
Now, the braid becomes
A question mark
I know she will be around
Me only as long as
The snow

RED AND GOLD by Ruben Briseno Reveles

RED AND GOLD by Ruben Briseno Reveles

by Erren Geraud Kelly

It's neither brown, nor red
She tells me
But her hair is the color of
She is wearing fall as she
Washes dishes at the
Community kitchen
Her hair hides under a baseball cap
It looks wondrous when
It all comes down
In a flannel shirt and jeans
She is ready for winter
Leaving her dreams in
The snow like footprints
But winter isn't here yet
And neither of us are
She is a leaf, her smile is
Her anthem
A bright candle on the

EGGSHELLS by Brent Wiggans

EGGSHELLS by Brent Wiggans

by Lisa Masé

You slide an Amarone bottled in 1992
from your Vermont farm house wine rack
where it dutifully collects telling dust.

"Dalla cantina di Nonna Dina": you name
our grandmother's treasured cellar,
cool even in summer's noon.

Being sent to the basement those days
seized me with dreadful delight, weaving
wordless images of what might lurk
behind that oak door.
Deep breath.

Open wide to the mold-mottled
sausages dangling from top shelves
where Fontina wheels peer
with butter-dulled rinds.
Lower still — shiny jars
of apricot jam, proud dark bottles
of elderberry syrup, dried wild mushrooms
bagged in muslin and crusty rye bread
wrapped in newspaper — all preserved
with the patience of mountains.

There, gleaming with egg-wash
on the marble work table,
I spotted my charge: crostata di mele.
Bravely I carried the apple tart upstairs.

When you show me this wine
in the golden light of your kitchen,
I remember the rubbled road that leads
from the house to the stream and back,
so often walked that I never feel lost again.

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